Open to work

My passion is product development and my prefered tool is SolidWorks - a brilliant 3D software tool. I also enjoy using NX Siemens.

I love the process of going through ideas to see the right solution or product unfold. 

I enjoyed this passion at LEGO Systems A/S, Multi-Wing International A/S, NKT Photonics A/S and many more places as a consultant. 

Can I be of any help, doing what I do best, just call me: +45 2086 9801. 

Distance is just a matter of travelling which I also enjoy, so foreign assignments are also welcome.

I am working on learning spanish and german, so I can be even more communicative.

Just throw the dices - I do full-time, remote, contract, part-time, consultant and temporary work.

NB. If you have a bad day you can also call me and I will help you get balanced again - I am happy when other people are happy.